Sentence Examples with the word Wiped

She wiped sweaty palms on her jeans and swallowed a lump in her throat.

Tired, she wiped her eyes, an ache fluttering through her at the lingering scent of Dusty on her skin.

Rhyn lopped the head off the last demon and wiped his knife again.

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Kiera wiped her forehead, unable but to admire the sheen of sweat on A'Ran's wide upper body.

He wiped the first tear that escaped away.

He wiped the blood from his mouth and watched in dazed silence as Justin marched out the door.

She wiped a hand across her tear stained face, smudging an abundance of makeup.

He wiped his bloodied hands on his shirt and trotted down the hall.

The soldier who had been struck groaned and wiped his face, which had been scratched till it bled by his falling against the wattle.

As she wiped the water from her eyes, something bumped her shoulder.