Sentence Examples with the word Winnipeg

The Saskatchewan, though not in the province, empties into Lake Winnipeg less than half a degree from the northern boundary.

Large quantities of fresh fish caught in lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba are exported to all parts of the United States.

All of these are rapid and shallow, affording navigation only for canoes; but the largest of them, Nelson river, drains the great Manitoban lakes, Winnipeg, Winnipegosis and Manitoba, which are frequented by steamers, and receive the waters of Lake-of-the-Woods, Lake Seul and many others emptying into Winnipeg river from Ontario; of Red river coming in from the United States to the south; and of the southern parts of the Rocky Mountains and the western prairie provinces drained by the great Saskatchewan river.

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The Great Northern railway has also three branch lines in Manitoba and one of these has Winnipeg as its terminus.

The chief rivers emptying into Lake Winnipeg are the Winnipeg, the Red and the Saskatchewan.

In opposition to the Canadian Pacific railway a southern line was built from Winnipeg to the American boundary.

The Canadian Northern railway has a remarkable network of railways connecting Winnipeg with every corner of Manitoba.

The eastern section of 1875 m., extending from Winnipeg to Moncton, where connexion is secured with the winter ports of Halifax and St John, was, under the act of incorporation, to be built by the government, and then leased for fifty years, under certain conditions, to the Grand Trunk Pacific Company.

Alba, the white oak, abounding all over the eastern districts to the continent from Lake Winnipeg and the St Lawrence countries of the shores of the Mexican Gulf.

The principal cities and towns are: Winnipeg (90,153), Brandon (10,408), Portage la Prairie (5106), St Boniface (5119), West Selkirk (2701), and Morden (1437).