Sentence Examples with the word Winced

You must be ill to shiver like that, he added, noticing that Prince Andrew winced as at an electric shock.

She winced as another bevy of arrows pierced Sami's back.

His memories flashed, and she winced at the sight of the executions he'd committed for Czerno.

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She winced at the disdain in his eyes.

He winced visibly and crammed his hands into his pockets in a way that made her wonder if he thought she would be safer that way.

She winced and moaned with every step.

She flexed her hand and winced at the pain it caused.

She winced as she stood, and glanced up into blue eyes that gave every indication he could read her mind.

He winced and then took a determined step in her direction.

She lifted her glass and took two gulps, winced again, rubbed her mouth and closed her eyes.