Sentence Examples with the word Willie

But a younger member of the household, Willie Douglas, aged eighteen, whose devotion was afterwards remembered and his safety cared for by Mary at a time of utmost risk and perplexity to herself, succeeded on the 2nd of May in assisting her to escape by a 1 It is to be observed that the above conclusion as to the authenticity of the Casket Letters is the same as that arrived at upon different grounds by the most recent research on the subject.

The word spread on the street that the family was hot after Billie and Willie Wassermann.

Me and Billie and Willie had these three broads lined up but the twins had this job to do first.

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Billie and Willie were journeymen criminals, and both had spent time in jail for a number of offenses, mostly physical in nature.

Just tell her the Parkside Betterment Society voted for Billie and Willie to improve the city by getting lost.

I saw little Willie Swan in the car and he gave me a juicy pear.

Vinnie claimed to be able to show the police where Billie and Willie had been hiding and continued to brag that he had enough information to make headlines and sink half the Philadelphia mobsters.

There was an office pool on how long it would be before Willie would float in.

But for the past six weeks or so, neither Billie nor Willie could be found anywhere.

Dean wanted to explain it was far more of a shock seeing a bloated Billie or Willie Wassermann with a head looking like a bleached basketball, but simply nodded instead.