Sentence Examples with the word Willed

She willed a cheeseburger to appear.

She willed the magic to hit its target.

He willed his friend to learn the lessons he needed to, and fast.

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He felt her grappling with his question and willed her to help him.

Focusing hard on Wynn, she willed the portal to appear.

And eventually he acquiesces in the conclusion that God, who gives every man his individual gift at pleasure, has not willed that the same powers should have efficacy at every sepulchre of the saints (Ep. 78, 3).

He willed the magic out of his body and channeled it into the blood-covered soul, visualizing what it was he tried to do.

She never thought she'd find herself rooting for the Black God, but she willed Jonny to take control of the situation.

Focusing on his profile, she willed him to look her way.

He was watching her closely, and she willed her body not to respond to him as it had earlier.