Sentence Examples with the word Wilbur

See Life and Writings of Wilbur Fisk (New York, 1842), edited by Joseph Holdich, and the biography by George Prentice (Boston, 1890), in the American Religious Leaders Series; also a sketch in Memoirs of Teachers and Educators (New York, 1861), edited by Henry Barnard.

The borough of South Trenton was annexed in 1850; the borough of Chambersburg and the township of Millham in 1888; the borough of Wilbur in 1898; and parts of the townships of Ewing and Hamilton in 1900.

The Germans, usually Republicans, roused for the defence of their schools, voted the Democratic state ticket at the next state election (1890), with the result that George Wilbur Peck, 2 the Democratic nominee, was chosen governor by 30,000 plurality.

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Four days afterwards Wilbur Wright at Le Mans in France beat all previous records with a flight lasting hour 31 minutes 25-tseconds, in which he covered about 56 m.; and subsequently, on the 11th of October, he made a flight of hour 9 minutes accompanied by a passenger.

Similar experiments were meanwhile conducted by Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton, Ohio, in whose hands the glider.