Sentence Examples with the word Wielding

Odo, Bishop Of Bayeux, Wielding His Mace.

She made a lunge and grabbed the broom, wielding the handle like a club.

In the large playroom of the house at Ajaccio, while the others amused themselves with ordinary games, Napoleon delighted most in beating a drum and wielding a sword.

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He quickly became known as a political and ecclesiastical controversialist, wielding an active pen in support of W.

Standing in the dark, wielding bitter words at each other wouldn't solve anything.

The Greek world itself the disgrace that a people, called to universal dominion and capable of wielding it, should be dependent on the mandate of an impotent Asiatic monarchy, was keenly felt by all who were not yet absorbed in the rivalry of city with city.

They reached the beach, and Darian saw his young brother wielding a sword in complex weapons forms.

Referring the collapse of the empire to the retention of feudal forms and to the action of religious animosities, Hegel looked forward to reorganization by a central power (Austria) wielding the imperial army, and by a representative body elected by the geographical districts of the empire.

We have followed it long enough to see its directness and simplicity, to observe the naturalness with which one incident succeeds another, and to watch the gradual manifestation of a personality at once strong and sympathetic, wielding extraordinary powers, which are placed wholly at the service of others, and refusing to be hindered from helping men by the ordinary restrictions of social or religious custom.

They are the companions of Indra, and associated with him in the wielding of thunderbolts, sometimes as his equals, sometimes as his servants.