Sentence Examples with the word Whitby

C. Atkinson, Memorials of Old Whitby (London, 18 94); Lionel Charlton, History of Whitby (York, 1779); George Young, History of Whitby (Whitby, 1817); Victoria County History, Yorkshire, North Riding.

Mill's various readings, numbering about thirty thousand, were attacked by Daniel Whitby (1638-1726) in his Examen as destroying the validity of the text; Antony Collins also argued in the same sense though with a different object.

The well-known Whitby jet of Upper Liassic age appears to have been formed to a large extent from Araucarian wood.

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He was probably already regarded as the leading exponent of the Roman discipline in England when his speech at the council of Whitby determined the overthrow of the Celtic party (664).

At the synod of Whitby in 664 Hilda sided with Colman and Cedd against Wilfrid.

Granted to the abbot of Whitby a fair at the feast of St Hilda and the king's firm peace to all coming to the fair.

By St Hilda at Whitby in Yorkshire, and perhaps also by St Patrick in Ireland (see E.

Made a grant to the abbot and convent of Whitby of a burgage in the vill of Whitby, and Richard de Waterville, abbot 1175-1190, granted the town in free burgage to the burgesses.

These were dedicated to St Hilda, and with some lands were given by de Brus to the abbey of St Hilda at Whitby in 1130.

The lias shales of Whitby contain blocks of semi-mineralized wood, or jet, which is black with a resinous lustre, and a fibrous structure.