Sentence Examples with the word Whipped

She whipped around, weapon pointed at Xander as he appeared through the doorway.

In 1906 the Prussian government was made somewhat ridiculous by the strike of some t00,000 Polish school children, who objected to being whipped for refusing to answer questions in German.

He whipped out the vamp-killing hand cannons and shot the first two of Jilian's men.

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Outside her room, Han whipped out his phone to text Damian with an irritated sigh.

Nancy was a bad child when I went to Memphis she cried loud, I whipped her with a stick.

Gabriel whipped around at the voice, lowering the weapon that emerged instinctively at the sound of a stranger in his home.

Her hair whipped in the wind chilling his body.

Linda whipped out a phone to text Lon.

It was a strawberry sunrise, topped with whipped cream clouds, a perfect sort of day until Dean was awake enough to remember Martha Boyd, lord knows where, escaping the law in a stolen twenty-year-old Buick, with a ditzy ex-junkie for a chauffeur.

He now fled to Russia, where he was interned at Kaluga, while at home he was condemned to confiscation and death as a traitor, and his unjustly accused mistress Magdalena Rudenschold was publicly whipped to gratify an old grudge of the regent's.