Sentence Examples with the word Whip

Algae life, Oltmanns distinguishes bush-forms, whip forms, net-forms, leaf-forms, sack-forms, dorsi-ventral forms, and cushions, plates and crusts.

Her rifle was leaning against the wagon, within easy reach, and her whip hung near by.

After a breakfast of dry cereal, she donned the work gloves she had brought and retrieved the weed whip from the shed.

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She grabbed the handle of her whip and whirled to face him.

They were too deep and knotted to be from the daggers or the whip or the hand strikes of his master and his master's men.

Jupiter-Baal was represented locally as a beardless god in long scaly' drapery, holding a whip in his right hand and lightning and ears of corn in his left.

He gently coaxed the whip from her hand and took a few steps away from her.

With lightning speed, he caught the end of the whip in his hand and jerked violently, catching her off balance and pulling her off her feet.

She froze for a second with the whip in the air.

I told you sooner or later somebody would take that whip away from you.