Sentence Examples with the word Wesleyan

Baker induced the king to break off his connection with the Wesleyan body in Sydney, and to set up a state church.

To Fiji in 1834 came James Calvert and other Wesleyan missionaries beginning a work which under .them and their successors had extraordinary success.

At the age of fifteen his mind took a strongly religious turn, under the influence of the Wesleyan Methodists, in which body he became a local preacher.

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Southport has also a free library and art gallery, a literary and philosophical institute, and a college (Trinity Hall) for the daughters of Wesleyan ministers; and a museum and schools of science and art.

The Wesleyan Methodist, has its catechism or catechisms,.

Other quarterly reviews worth mentioning are the Eclectic Review (1805-1868), edited down to 1834 by Josiah Conder (1789-1855) and supported by the Dissenters; the British Review (1811-1825; the Christian Remembrancer (1819-1868); the Retrospective Review (1820-1826, 1828, 1853-1854), for old books; the Foreign Quarterly Review (1827-1846), afterwards incorporated with the Westminster; the Foreign Review (1828-1829); the Dublin Review (1836), a Roman Catholic organ; the Foreign and Colonial Quarterly Review (1843-1847); the Prospective Review (1845-1855), given up to theology and literature, previously the Christian Teacher (1835-1844); the North British Review (1844-1871); the British Quarterly Review (1845), successor to the British and Foreign Review (1835-1844); the New Quarterly Review (1852-1861), the Scottish Review (1853-1862), published at Glasgow; the Wesleyan London Quarterly Review (1853-); the National Review (1855-1864); the Diplomatic Review (1855-1881); the Irish Quarterly Review (1851-1859), brought out in Dublin; the Home and Foreign Review (1862-1864); the Fine Arts Quarterly Review (1863-1865); the New Quarterly Magazine (1873-1880); the Catholic Union Review (1863-1874); the Anglican Church Quarterly Review (1875); Mind (1876), dealing with mental philosophy; the Modern Review (1880-1884); the Scottish Review (1882); the Asiatic Quarterly Review (1886; since 1891 the Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review); and the Jewish Quarterly Review.

Otterbein and Boehm licensed some of their followers to preach and did a great work, especially through class-meetings of a Wesleyan type; 2 in 1789 they held a formal conference at Baltimore, and in 1800, at a conference near Frederick City, Maryland, the Church was organized under its present name, and Otterbein and Boehm were chosen its first bishops or superintendents.

In 1877 the Ohio Wesleyan female college,established at Delaware in 1853, was incorporated in the university.

There is also a Roman Catholic church (St Michael's) opened in 1851, and chapels belonging to the Baptists, Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists, and to the Congregationalists.

With them were associated Wesleyan and Presbyterian divines, and in September 1795 the London Missionary Society, emphasizing no one form of church government, was formed.