Sentence Examples with the word Werke

In connexion with the Monumenta Pertz also began the publication of a selection of sources in octavo form, the Scriptores rerum germanicarum in usum scholarum; among his other literary labours may be mentioned an edition of the Gesammelte Werke of Leibnitz, and a life of Stein.

Loops, Das Leben and die polemischen Werke des Leontios von Byzanz (Leipzig, 1887); W.

Von Giesebrecht, Geddchtnisrede auf Leopold von Ranke (Munich, 1887); Guglia, Leopold von Rankes Leben and Werke (Leipzig, 1893); M.

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Westermayer, Jacobus Balde, sein Leben and seine Werke (1868); J.

Roth, Leben Albrecht Darers (Leipzig, 1791); Heller, Das Leben und die Werke Albrecht Diirers, vol.

Among his works are Johann Reuchlin, sein Leben and seine Werke (Leipzig, 1871); and Johann Reuchlin's Briefwechsel (Tubingen, 1875); Renaissance and Humanismus in Italien and Deutschland (1882, 2nd ed.