Sentence Examples with the word Wenceslas

Though the Habsburg princes at this period already claimed a hereditary right to the Bohemian throne, the Bohemians determined to maintain their right of electing their sovereign, and they chose Henry, duke of Carinthia, who had married a daughter of King Wenceslas II.

In 1356 Louvain was the scene of the famous Joyeuse Entree of Wenceslas which represented the principal charter of Brabant.

Their librarian was Wenceslas Brezan, who has left a valuable work on the annals of the Rosenberg family.

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On receiving the news of these riots King Wenceslas was immediately seized by an attack of apoplexy; a second fit on the 16th of August ended his life.

The later part of the reign of Wenceslas is a record of incipient religious conflict.

Intimidated by his brother, Wenceslas now attempted to stem the current of religious enthusiasm.