Sentence Examples with the word Welldrained

Gritty welldrained soil.

The plant grows freely in good garden soil, preferring a deep welldrained loam, and is all the better for a top-dressing of manure as it approaches the flowering stage.

They are propagated by cuttings, or from the leaves, which are cut off and pricked in welldrained pots of sandy soil, or by the scales from the underground tubes, which are rubbed off and sown like seeds, or by the seeds, which are very small.

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The best soil for cotton is thus a deep, welldrained loam, able to afford a uniform supply of moisture during the growing period.

It lives on dry, welldrained ground, and digs a deep burrow lined with silk to prevent the infall of loose particles of soil.

Gooseberries, currants, roses and many hardy 'deciduous trees and shrubs are easily propagated in this way if the cuttings are inserted in welldrained soil about the end of October or early in November.