Sentence Examples with the word Weeklies

A large element of the population is of German descent or German birth, and two newspapers are published in German, besides three dailies, three weeklies and a semi-weekly in English.

A further and permanent improvement in cheap weeklies for home reading may be traced from the foundation of Howitt's Journal (1847-1849), and more especially Household Words (1850), conducted by Charles Dickens, All the Year Round (1859), by the same editor, and afterwards by his son, Once A Week (1859), and the Leisure Hour (1852).

The Dynastic, Liberal and Independent press, the illustrated papers and the satirical weeklies fared no better than the Republicans, Socialists and Carlists, and in 60 days 1260 prosecutions were ordered against Madrid and provincial papers.

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Then a single monthly magazine, with a circulation of a few hundreds, was all that the denomination possessed in the way of periodical literature; in 1906 its quarterlies, monthlies and weeklies were numbered by hundreds.

The publishing office of the Dunkers, or German Brethren, is at Elgin; and several popular weeklies with large circulations are published here.

These periodicals were followed by a number of penny weeklies of a lower tone, such as the Family Herald (1843), the London Jpurnal (1845) and Lloyd's Miscellany.

The critical weeklies of the past include the New York Literary Gazette (1834-1835, 1839), De Bow's Review (1846), the Literary World (1847-1853), the Criterion (1855-1856), the Round Table (1863-1864), the Citizen (1864-1873), and Appleton' s Journal (1869).