Sentence Examples with the word Weeding

Viminalis may be raised on lowland soil if not water-logged or marshy, but the same attention to trenching and weeding is imperative.

The Karens and Shans who settle in the plains expend much more care in ploughing and weeding their crops.

This was accompanied in Europe by a drastic weeding out of Miocene types, ultimately leaving the flora pretty much as it now exists.

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The insects cultivate their fungus, weeding out.

It was getting close to noon when Carmen finished weeding in her garden.

The garden needed weeding anyway.

Of the deep-sea cables within the first twelve years, placed the probable life of a cable as low as fifteen years, but the weeding out of unserviceable types of construction, and the general improvement in materials, have by degrees extended that first estimate, until now the limit may be safely placed at not less than forty years.