Sentence Examples with the word Wavered

And Simon de Montfort he wavered between the two at the beginning of the Barons' War, but finally took the royalist side and was among the prisoners taken by Montfort at Lewes (1264).

After taking his degree he wavered between classics and mathematics, but finally chose the latter.

She wavered on her feet and leaned into him, the tension melting from her as it did when he drew her blood earlier.

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There he wavered between the two richest heiresses, Julie and Princess Mary.

Went even further in his patronage, for he consented to be the godfather of the posthumous son of Alphonso XII., and he never afterwards wavered in the steady sympathy he showed to Alphonso XIII.

But Metternich wavered on the question of Saxony, and December saw the allies hopelessly at difference.

Clement's accession at once brought about a political change in favour of France; yet he was unable to take a strong line, and wavered between the emperor and Francis I., concluding a treaty of alliance with the French king, and then, when the crushing defeat of Pavia had shown him his mistake, making his peace with Charles (April 1, 1525), only to break it again by countenancing Girolamo Morone's League of Freedom, of which the aim was to assert the independence of Italy from foreign powers.

His attention never wavered and Carmen kept her expression bland as she slapped the potatoes on her plate and then returned the spoon to the bowl.

Diogenes of Seleucia is said to have wavered in his belief at last; Boethus, one of his pupils, flatly denied it.

Bruce, previously so shifty, had never wavered or turned back since he smote the Red Comyn at Dumfries.