Sentence Examples with the word Waterloo

Hardly had he finished when the opening roar of the cannonade at Waterloo was heard.

The four days' campaign that followed, and the crowning victory of the 18th of June, are described in the article Waterloo Campaign.

Under the Consulate he resumed his professional work, and after Waterloo retired to America, where he became president of the university of Louisiana.

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At Waterloo he was wounded in the right arm and had to undergo amputation, but he quickly learned to write with his left hand, and on the conclusion of the war resumed his duties as secretary to the embassy at Paris.

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After Waterloo he took ship from Toulon, but the ship was driven back by a storm and he narrowly escaped massacre at Marseilles.

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The Guards Memorial, Waterloo Place, commemorates the foot guards who died in the Crifnea.