Sentence Examples with the word Water-tight

The main tube must be accurately machined as it has to be readily trained in its stuffing-box as well as be water-tight in all positions, through a considerable range of vertical travel.

The 17th century has treated literature as it treated politics and religion; each of the three was cooped up in a water-tight compartment by itself.

Casing, having a collar to fit water-tight on the bevel shoulder, is inserted.

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In navigation he suggested many new contrivances, such as water-tight compartments, floating anchors to lay a ship to in a storm, and dishes that would not upset during a gale; and beginning in 1757 made repeated experiments with oil on stormy waters.

There is no serious difficulty in so constructing walls of this kind as to be practically water-tight while they remain unbroken; but owing to the settlement of the earthen embankments and the changing level of saturation they are undoubtedly subject to irregular stresses which cannot be calculated, and under which, speaking generally, plastic materials are much safer.

Both these filters arrest the organisms by purely mechanical action, and if the joints are water-tight and they receive proper attention and frequent sterilization, they both give satisfactory results on a small scale for domestic purposes.

It is stated, however, that these cracks close up and become practically water-tight as the water rises.

The whole weight of the tubbing is made to bear on the moss, which squeezes outwards, forming a completely water-tight joint.

As the cable is sheathed it is stored in large water-tight tanks and kept at a nearly uniform temperature by means of water.

Below its bed, or by spreading out the foundations above and below the bridge, so as to form one broad water-tight flooring - a system practised with eminent success by Sir Arthur Cotton in Southern India.