Sentence Examples with the word Water Equivalent

The Water Equivalent Of The Calorimeter Is Immaterial, Since There Is No Appreciable Change Of Temperature.

The Uncertainty Due To The Correction For The Water Equivalent Was Minimized By Making It Small (About 27 Grammes) In Comparison With The Water Weight.

LEVIATHAN, the Hebrew name (livyathan), occurring in the poetical books of the Bible, of a gigantic animal, apparently the sea or water equivalent of behemoth, the king of the animals of the dry land.

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Temperature is added to the calorimeter, immediately after dropping in the heated substance, at such a rate as to keep the temperature of the calorimeter constant, thus eliminating the corrections for the water equivalent of the calorimeter and the external loss of heat.

The Water Equivalent Of The Calorimeter Was About 85 Grammes, And Was Determined By Varying The Quantity Of Water From 140 To 260 Or 280 Grammes, So That The Final Results Depended On A Difference In The Weight Of Water Of 120 To 140 Grammes.