Sentence Examples with the word Watched

She watched him climb stiffly into his wagon and knew a moment of sadness when she remembered that before long she would be leaving and she would never see him again.

The man named Damian still watched her.

Allen watched him enter the house before he turned to Lisa.

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She watched from the family room window as he wolfed the food - a habit that had prompted Cade to dub him Scruffy.

The vial sat on the counter next to his notebook, and she watched him pick up a syringe.

Jackson leaned his elbow on the piano and watched her, fully amused.

Xander watched her approach, seemingly at ease while the world went to shit around him.

Lana watched the toddlers greet Jack excitedly.

He watched her sleep, wishing to know her dreams; wondering if he would ever see her face this serene again.

Instead, she started a third bowl of the soup and watched the pub fill with people.