Sentence Examples with the word Wash out

It is therefore better to wash out the stomach, and this should be done, if possible, with a solution containing about ten grains of salt to each ounce of water.

The treatment is to wash out the stomach or give such an emetic as apomorphine, and, when the stomach has been emptied, to administer demulcents such as white of egg or mucilage.

Though seen but once, it helps to wash out State Street and the engine's soot.

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If the acid has been swallowed, wash out the stomach and give chalk, the carbolate of calcium being insoluble.

Serious leakage at once began between c and b and washed out the clay, particle by particle, but did not wash out the sand associated with it, which remained rench.

Finally, boiling water is admitted and forces out all the last liquor, and then continues to run and wash out the sweets until only a trace remains.

Dean began to float back to sleep, half content in the thought that the storm might wash out the steamy, unseasonable humidity.

Steam is then turned on to the outside of the bags and sheaths, and hot water is run through them to wash out all the sweets they contain.

She swished it around in her mouth to wash out the sand and then spit.