Sentence Examples with the word Warthe

But the twofold effect of civil warthe ruin of the farmers and the scarcity and high price of rural laborwas only reduced arbitrarily and, by fits and starts.

For the devices employed against the Scottish schiltrons of pikemen at Dupplin and Halidon, were the same as those which won all the great battles of the Hundred Years Warthe combination of archery, not with cavalry (the old system of Hastings and Falkirk), but with dismounted menat-arms. The nation, meanwhile prosperous, not vexed by overmuch taxation, and proud of its young king, was ready and willing to follow him into any adventure that he might indicate.

Hfmself from the incubus of the French warthe source of most of the evils of the time, for it was the heavy taxation required to feed this struggle which embittered all the domestic politics of the realm.

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On the other hand the political consolidation of the various continental Teutonic peoples (apart from the Danes) in the 8th century led to the gradual recovery of eastern Germany together with Lower Austria and the greater part of Styria and Carinthia, though Bohemia, Moravia and the basins of the Vistula and the Warthe have always remained mainly Slavonic. In the British Isles the Teutonic element, in spite of temporary checks, eventually became dominant everywhere.