Sentence Examples with the word Warner

Roughing It was published in 1872, and in 1874 he collaborated with Charles Dudley Warner in The Gilded Age, from which he made a play, acted many hundred times with John T.

Still greater was the influence of Geoffrey upon those writers who, like Warner in Albion's England (1586), and Drayton in Polyolbion (1613), deliberately made their accounts of English history as poetical as possible.

Once Mr. Warner brought to see me the dear poet of the woodlands--Mr.

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Mr. Warner and Mr. Burroughs, the great lover of nature, came to see us a few days after, and we had a delightful talk with them.

TO CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER Wrentham, Mass., June 7, 1898.

Under the leadership of Ethan Allen, Seth Warner and Remember Baker (1737-1775), they refused obedience and took up arms in defence of their rights.

Mr. Warner showed me a scarf-pin with a beetle on it which was made in Egypt fifteen hundred years before Christ, and told me that the beetle meant immortality to the Egyptians because it wrapped itself up and went to sleep and came out again in a new form, thus renewing itself.

Passing over the invention of logarithms by John Napier, and their development by Henry Briggs and others, the next author of moment was an Englishman, Thomas Harriot, whose algebra (Artis analyticae praxis) was published posthumously by Walter Warner in 1631.

The form, as constructed by Warner and Swasey for the 40-in.