Sentence Examples with the word Ware

If we except the ware of Satsuma, it may be said that nearly all the fine faience Self Ii of of Japan was manufactured formerly in KiOto.

Table services of Owari porcelain the ware itself excellently manipulated and of almost egg-shell fineness2re now decorated with floral scrolls, landscapes, insects, birds, figure-subjects and al sorts of designs, chaste, elaborate or quaint; and these services, representing so much artistic labor and originality, are, sold for prices that bear no due ratio to the skill required in their manufacture.

It must be remembered that the Romans possessed no fine procelain decorated with lively colours and a beautiful glaze; Samian ware was the most decorative kind of pottery which was then made.

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It has an Evangelical and a Roman Catholic church, manufactories of gloves, patent leather, paper, metal ware and artificial manures, and a considerable trade in cereals.

Inscribed basalt bowl found at Babylon) and fragments of ware painted with dark ornament on light body-clay, or in polychrome on a cream-white slip, or black burnished, found on N.

Imported specimens of this ware were found by Flinders Petrie among XIIth Dynasty remains at Kahun.

Previous to this its people is chiefly known as the producer of a type of geometric pottery similar to the Dipylon ware of Athens.

Undoubtedly the best specimens of this kinran-de (brocade) porcelain of Kaga merit praise and admiration; but, on the whole, ware so gaudy could not long hold a high place in public esteem.

The finest Caldas da Rainha china-ware, with its fantastic representations of birds, beasts and fishes, still commands a fair price in foreign markets; but the blue and white ware originally copied from Delft and later modified under the influence of Persian pottery is now only 'manufactured in small quantities, of inferior quality.

AlgonquinIroquois tribes made creditable ware in Canada and eastern United States.