Sentence Examples with the word Walton

The other urban districts are Alfreton (17,505), Alvaston and Boulton(i 279), Ashbourne (4039), Bakewell(2850), Baslow and Bubnell (797), Belper (10,934), Bolsover (6844) Bonsall (1360), Brampton and Walton (2698), Buxton (10,181), Clay Cross(8358), Dronfield(3809), Fairfield(2969), Heage(2889), Heanor (16,249), Long Eaton (13,045), Matlock (5979), Matlock Bath and Scarthin Nick (1819), Newbold and Dunston (5986), New Mills (7773), North Darley (2756), Ripley (io,III), South Darley (788), Swadlincote (18,014), Whittington (9416), Wirksworth (3807).

Ken's step-sister, Anne, was married to Izaak Walton in 1646, a connexion which brought Ken from his boyhood under the refining influence of this gentle and devout man.

He helped Brian Walton with the Polyglot Bible and wrote a book on logic, Summa logicae (London, 1685).

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The remainder of his life was devoted to helping Brian Walton with the Polyglot Bible (1657) and to his own best-known work, the Horae Hebraicae et Talmudicae, in which the volume relating to Matthew appeared in 1658, that relating to Mark in 1663, and those relating to 1 Corinthians, John and Luke, in 1664, 1671 and 1674 respectively.

At the close of 1611 Sir Robert Drury determined to visit Paris (but not, as Walton supposed, on an embassy of any kind), and he took Donne with him.

They are divided into the Diestien, corresponding in part with the English Coralline Crag, the Scaldisien and Poederlien corresponding with the Walton Crag, and the Amstelien corresponding with the Red Crag of Suffolk.

Highflyer is represented through his greatly esteemed son Sir Peter Teazle, commonly called Sir Peter (1784), whose dam was Papillon by Snap. Sir Peter had five sons at the stud, Walton (1790), Stamford (1794), and Sir Paul (1802) being the chief.

However much Walton was indebted to his helpers.

BRIAN WALTON (1600-1661), English divine and scholar, was born at Seymour, in the district of Cleveland, Yorkshire, in 1600.

In the time of Isaak Walton there stood by it a shady arbour to which the angler was wont to resort.