Sentence Examples with the word Walker

Governor Walker stood firmly against this iniquitous scheme; he saw that slavery was, otherwise, doomed, but he thought Kansas could be saved to the Democratic party though lost to slavery.

The site of the city was a part of the Castle Hill estate of Thomas Walker (1715-1794), an intimate friend of George Washington.

In 1855 it was captured and partly burned by the adventurer William Walker (see CENTRAL.

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At the beginning of the Civil War the Confederates erected Fort Walker on Hilton Head, and Fort Beauregard on Bay Point.

Dover has long had a considerable commerce, both by rail and by water, that by water being chiefly Emery Walker sc.

At the close of the first day's bombardment of Fort Sumter (April 12th, 1861) Leroy P. Walker (1817-1884), the Confederate Secretary of War, boasted that before the 1st of May the Confederate flag would float over the Capitol.

Governor Walker proclaimed this rebellion against the United States, appeared before the town in command of 400 United States dragoons and declared it under martial law; as perfect order prevailed, and there was no overt resistance to Territorial law, the troops were withdrawn after a few weeks by order of President Buchanan, and in February 1858 the legislature passed an Act legalizing the city charter of July 1857.

General Sabine, Sir John Franklin, Prof. Selim Lemstrom, Dr David Walker (at Fort Kennedy in 1858-1859), Captain Parry (Fort Bowen, 1825) and others - have seen aurora below the clouds or between themselves and mountains.

To meet this requirement, Walker in 1878 introduced the Cherub FIG.

Historical literature has been enriched by the works of Diego Barros Arana, Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna, Miguel Luis Amunategui, Carlos Walker Martinez, and others.