Sentence Examples with the word Walid

Apparently this state of things lasted till after the Mahommedan conquest, for Barhebraeus 1 tells us that it was the caliph Walid I.

In 732 Hisham had entrusted to him the government of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which he held with great success till the death of Walid II.

It is said that he guaranteed Walid a large sum of money, which he hoped to extort from Khalid.

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His son Yahya, still a youth, fled to Balkh in Khorasan, but was discovered at last and hunted down, till he fell sword in hand under Walid II.

Moreover, it was an affront, in particular, for the sons of Walid I., who already had considered the nomination of Yazid II.

Lebanon, under Khalid ibn Walid in the 9th century, as the beginning of Druse distinctiveness and power; but it also accepts Turkoman and Kurdish elements in the original Druse state.

Kasim invaded and conquered the Hindus of Sind in the name of Walid I., caliph of Damascus, of the Omayyad line.

The mosque of the Omayyads in Damascus was built by the Caliph Walid in A.D.

Musa then continued the subjugation of Spain, till Walid recalled him to Damascus.

It is not certain that Walid also suspected Khalid al-Qasri of having intrigued against him.