Sentence Examples with the word Waited

She waited for him to finish before crossing to her room to change.

He waited for her flush, then released her and sat up, straddling her again.

I often performed this duty of hospitality, waited long enough to milk a whole herd of cows, but did not see the man approaching from the town.

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He waited until he was free of the meadow before raising two torches above his head.

Immobilized, she waited with panicked dread for an attack like Sasha's.

She waited until she heard his breathing deepen and then rose.

The papacy of that time believed in the political unity of Islam, in a solidarity - which did not exist - among the Mussulmans of Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt and the Barbary coasts; and if it waited until the year 1095 to carry out this project, it was because the conflict with the Germanic Empire prevented the earlier realization of its dream.

She waited for him to comment but he remained silent.

She waited until the others were in their wagons and then slapped the lines to the backs of the mules.

She stepped from the shadow world back into her world and waited for nausea or pain.