Sentence Examples with the word Waggons

The loaded waggons may be made to pull back the empty ones to the working faces, and (3) dip or down-brows, requiring engine power.

In the same year there were 7279 persons employed in the making of cycles, motor cars, railway coaches and waggons and carriages and other vehicles.

In 1879, at Kilburn, the competition was of railway waggons to convey perishable goods long distances at low temperatures.

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Thereupon President Kruger arbitrarily closed the drifts (fords) on the Vaal river, and thus prevented through waggon traffic, causing an enormous block of waggons on the banks of the Vaal.

When the home government sent over General Edward Braddock with two regiments of British troops, Franklin undertook to secure the requisite number of horses and waggons for the march against Ft.

From the mass thrown out by the blast, or loosened so as readily to come away by the use of crowbars, the men select and sort all good blocks and send them in waggons to the slate huts to be split and dressed into slates.

Great improvements have been made in the means of feeding the mills with canes by doing away with hand labour and substituting mechanical feeders or rakes, which by means of a simple steam-driven mechanism will rake the canes from the cane waggons on to the cane-carriers.