Sentence Examples with the word Wade

Farther on, a boulevard leads to Wade Park (85 acres; given by J.

They are just like little boys and girls when they forget books and studies, and run away to the woods and the fields, to gather wild flowers, or wade in the ponds for fragrant lilies, happy in the bright sunshine.

The most important addition to the educational and artistic life of the community was the Museum of Art, located in Wade park.

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Sometimes the searchers wade into the sea, furnished with nets at the end of long poles, by means of which they drag in the sea-weed containing entangled masses of amber; or they dredge from boats in shallow water and rake up amber from between the boulders.

Perry, erected in commemoration of his victory on Lake Erie in 1813, is in Wade Park, where there is also a statue of Harvey Rice (1800-1891), who reformed the Ohio public school system and wrote Pioneers of the Western Reserve (1882) and Sketches of Western Life (1888).

The inauguration of General Wade Hampton (1818-1902) as governor, and the final withdrawal of United States troops in 1877, marked the downfall of negro rule.

Some day you will be surprised to see a little strange girl coming into your office; but when you know it is the little girl who loves dogs and all other animals, you will laugh, and I hope you will give her a kiss, just as Mr. Wade does.

TO MR. WILLIAM WADE Wrentham, Mass., June 5, 1899. ...Linnie Haguewood's letter, which you sent me some weeks ago, interested me very much.

Then, a short, little old body like me, should never undertake to wade out into deep waters with tall, heron-built captains; the water chucks you under the chin pretty quick, and there's a great cry for life-boats.

Mirabilite, or Glauber's salt, is commercially valuable, occurring in such quantities in parts of the lake that one may wade knee-deep in it; it separates 1 Besides these islands there are a few small islands farther N., and W.