Sentence Examples with the word WORK PERFORMED

Moment of Friction.The work performed in a unit of time in overcoming the friction of a pair of surfaces is the product of the friction by the velocity of sliding of the surfaces over each other, if that is the same throughout the whole extent of the rubbing surfaces.

Similar processes are applicable to the finding of the work performed in overcoming a varying resistance.

Is the energy exerted by the couple M in the interval dl; and 1 similar equation gives the work performed in overcoming a resistinf couple.

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Du and the work performed in a unit cf time in overcoming friction, when the angular velocity is a, is af f pr.

Mrs. Porter, the housekeeper, came in weekly and Dean could guess the percentage of work performed by each.

The heat equivalent of the mechanical work performed on the piston is abstracted from the air, which is discharged at the temperature T 1.

Rotating Pieces: Couples of Forces.It is often convenient to express the energy exerted upon and the work performed by a turning piece in a machine in terms of the moment of the couples of forces acting on it, and of the angular velocity.

The effect is to produce between the sand or other grains a glutinous substance which does the work performed by the mud and microbes upon the surface of the sand filter.