Sentence Examples with the word WOMEN

No, because men have needs and desires women couldn't understand.

I was anxious to hear about the meeting between the two women but I didn't want to ask in front of the child.

The women are noted for their beauty.

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When they returned home, the women were enjoying glasses of wine.

The courtyard was packed with women in brown robes and Immortals.

Among Pathans there are two kinds of kurta (kamis or khat); one worn by married women called giradana khat is dark red or blue, embroidered with silk in front; the jalana khat worn by unmarried women is less conspicuous for colour and ornament.

Beyond the main room were two hallways, also packed, and opened doors along both where men and women circulated.

Men are not such absolute fools as Nicia, nor such compliant catspaws as Ligurio and Timoteo; women are not such weak instruments as Sostrata and Lucrezia.

Mrs Stanton, who had become intimately acquainted in London with Mrs Lucretia Mott, one of the women delegates barred from the anti-slavery convention, devoted herself to the cause of women's rights.

Free women might marry slaves and be dowered for the marriage.