Sentence Examples with the word WHITSUNTIDE

It was one of the old quarter-days, being equivalent to midsummer, the others being Martinmas, equivalent to Michaelmas, Candlemas (Christmas) and Whitsuntide (Easter).

After Whitsuntide what remained was made into smaller candles for the funerals of the poor.

In the later years of its existence, at least, it met three times a year, at Easter, Whitsuntide and Christmas.

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The meetings took place either in the Rathaus, or town hall, or, when they were held - as was usually the case - on Sunday, in the church; and three times a year, at Easter, Whitsuntide and Christmas, special festivals and singing competitions were instituted.

A weekly market was granted, two fairs yearly at Whitsuntide and Michaelmas, and many other privileges.

Importance attaches to the horse fair, held in in the week before Whitsuntide and now on the second Thursday in May and on July 25, and to the cattle fair in the beginning of August.

In 1533 and 1534, one-half of his pension was, however, paid by the king's treasurer, and the other half by the comptroller; and as no payment subsequent to that of Whitsuntide 1534 has been traced in the treasurer's accounts, he is supposed to have obtained the benefice soon after that period.

He reached Honolulu in March 1864, and was ordained priest in Whitsuntide of that year.

The New Year and Whitsuntide Show fairs only arose during the 9th century.

The Scottish cause seemed stronger than ever, under Bruce, the Steward, the Red Comyn and Lamberton, but in June 1300 Edward mustered a splendid array, and took Carlaverock castle, but, on the arrival of the archbishop of Canterbury with a letter from the pope approving of the Scottish cause, he granted a truce till Whitsuntide 1301.