Sentence Examples with the word WHITE PAPER

There was also a small sheet of white paper listing 11.2 gallons of gas purchased in Aberdeen, Maryland, a mileage figure and the amount of the purchase.

She took a plain sheet of white paper from her desk and proceeded with flying fingers to type the 14 names and addresses using an old manual typewriter.

Of the Characeae many are so exceedingly brittle that it is best to float them out like sea-weeds, except the prickly species, which may be carefully laid out on bibulous paper, and when dry fastened on sheets of white paper by means of gummed strips.

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Also a sketch by McQuilland in Sunday Herald (April 30 1916), and the White Paper issued by the British Government, Documents relating to the Sinn Fein Movement (Cmd.

Crumpled in the waste paper basket was a small piece of white paper with a telephone number.

The original prescription is kept by the pharmacist for either three or ten years, according to the country, and a certified copy given to the patient, written on white paper if for internal use, or on coloured paper (usually orange yellow) if for external use.