Sentence Examples with the word WEAPON

It was hunted in England and in Europe on foot and on horseback with dogs, while the weapon of attack was always the spear.

During ten days at the time of the autumnal equinox, in commemoration of her victory over the buffalo-headed demon Mahishasura; when the image of the ten-armed goddess, holding a weapon in each hand, is worshipped for nine days, and cast into the water on the tenth day, called the Dasahara, whence the festival itself is commonly called Dasara in western India.

The names generally given to the three prehistoric periods of man's life on the earth - the Stone, the Bronze and the Iron age - imply the vast importance of the progressive steps from the flint knife to the bronze celt, and lastly to the keen-edged elastic iron weapon or tool.

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Against these the church is not to attempt to use physical force; its only weapon is to be passive endurance and loyalty to God.

These gifts and pensions were rather in the nature of subsidies than bribes; they were the recognition by various powers of the value of an ally whose pen had proved itself so potent a weapon in their cause.

The breaking short of the shaft of the assegai when the weapon was used at close quarters was already a common practice among the Ama-Zulu, but Chaka had the shaft of the assegais made short, and their blades longer and heavier, so that they could be used for cutting or piercing.

The important results obtained showed that a weapon of great power had been provided for assisting naval warfare.

The crook which figures among royal and divine insignia may go back to the boomeranglike object which was a prominent weapon in antiquity (Muller, 123 sq.).

On the other hand, if he wanted to harm her, he might snatch the stick from her and use it as a weapon against her.

Kattenbusch supposes that Anatolius, bishop of Constantinople, or his archdeacon Aetius, who read the creed at the 2nd session of the council, took up the idea that through its likeness to the Roman Creed it would be a useful weapon against Eutyches and others who were held to interpret the Nicene Creed in an Apollinarian sense.