Sentence Examples with the word WAGer

In 1231, in such a suit, the bishop of London accepts wager of battle (Pollock and Maitland, op. cit.

I pulled her Sight, so she couldn't tell I was lying, then asked what she'd wager on it.

Moor in 1746, and Captain Coats in 1751, who examined the Wager Inlet up to the end.

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In the yeast cell it accumulates and disappears very rapidly according to the conditions of nutrition and is sometimes so abundant as to fill the cell almost entirely (Errera, 1882, 1895: Wager and Peniston, 1910).

Lxxii.; Wager and Peniston, Cytological Observations on the Yeast Plant, Ann.

There was also a considerable amount of new legislatiofl with the object of protecting the minor subjects of the crown, and the system of trial by jurors was advanced to the detriment of the absurd old practices of trial by ordeal and trial by wager of battle.

Its antiquity is attested by the symbol and formula used in its procedure, the lance (hasta) as the sign of true ownership, the oath or wager (sacramentum), the ancient formula for recovery of property or assertion of liberty.

Anatole turned to the Englishman and taking him by one of the buttons of his coat and looking down at him--the Englishman was short--began repeating the terms of the wager to him in English.

Leaving Fort Churchill in July 1742, he discovered the Wager river and Repulse Bay.

Do you know what happens if you lose a wager to a deity? past-Death challenged.