Sentence Examples with the word WAGE

It has increased our desire for peace and our unwillingness to wage war.

And most damaging, it can wage war and thereby siphon off wealth, technology, and the lives of its citizens.

In spite of the defeat of his party, and of the fact that he was forced several times to take refuge in England, Cadoudal did not cease both to wage war and to conspire in favour of the royalist pretenders.

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But when my government proposes to wage war, it's less important that I trust them than that I ask hard, skeptical questions.

The early margraves had permitted the Florentines to wage war against the Alberti family, whose castles they destroyed.

On the other hand, Tissaphernes undertook to pay the Peloponnesian sailors a daily wage of one Attic drachma (afterwards reduced to a drachma).

As good as nation-states are, they do have a tendency to wage war.

If you are a wage earner, then you should love machines.

They, as well as the young, are much sought after by snakes, but the parents are often successful in repelling these deadly enemies, and are always ready to wage war against any intruder on their precincts, be it man, cat or hawk.

In Scotland the kirk, as ever, was militant, but it could no longer wage war on kings and their ministers, nor attempt to direct foreign and domestic policy.