Sentence Examples with the word W

Now let w1', w 2 ' be the girder weights per ft.

On more than one occasion before 1840 Mas-a-Tierra w as used as a state prison by the Chilean government.

More fateful was the attitude of the Orthodox Ruthenian peasantry, who w ere divided from their Catholic Polish over-lords by centuries of religious and feudal oppression.

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In conjunction with his elder brother he published in 1825 a well - known treatise on waves, Die W ellenlehre auf Experimente gegrundet; and in 1833 he collaborated with his younger brother, the physiologist Eduard Friedrich Weber (1806-1871), in an investigation into the mechanism of walking.

A large number of Rittera ristocratic schools (Ritt e r-Akademien) w ere founded,, beginning with the Collegium Illustre of Tubingen (1589) and ending with the Hohe Karlschule of Stuttgart (1775).

The subject of the lunar librations was treated by Lagrange w i th great originality in an essay crowned by the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1764; and he filled up the lacunae in his theory of them in a memoir communicated to the Berlin Academy in 1780.

The external forces holding the brake from turning are W, distant R from the axis, and the reaction, W 1 say, of the lever against the fixed pin P, distant R1 from the axis.

In algebra, if a be a real positive quantity and w a root of unity, then a is the amplitude of the product aw.

Among other of his works may be mentioned the short stories, Junge Liebe (1878), Salle Geschichten (1880), and the novels Moschko von Parma (1880), Ein Kampf ums Recht (1882), Der Prtisident (1884), Judith Trachtenberg (1890), Der W ahrheitsucher (5894).

The Czech (Cech) alphabet is the same as the English, with the omission of the letters q, w and x.