Sentence Examples with the word Vorstellung

Under the leading of Hegel's distinction, between Vorstellung and Begriff, he had already conceived the idea of his two principal theological works - the Leben Jesu and the Christliche Dogmatik.

In Die Welt als Wille and Vorstellung Schopenhauer accepted Kant's position that the world as phenomenal is idea (Vorstellung); but he added that the world as noumenal is will (Wille).

Frisch began the long series of works on the birds of Germany with which the literature of ornithology is enriched, by his Vorstellung der Vogel Teutschlands, which was only completed in 1763, and, its coloured plates proving very attractive, was again issued at Berlin in 1817.

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Kemp, Schopenhauer's Die Welt als Wille and Vorstellung (The World as Will and Idea, 3 vols., 1883-1886).