Sentence Examples with the word Volunteered

Neither Dean nor Fred volunteered any information on why they were in Willoughby's or that the fracas was anything but a mugging.

Before the election the Black Hawk Indian War broke out; Lincoln volunteered in one of the Sangamon county companies on the 21st of April and was elected captain by the members of the company.

Everyone volunteered to go and everybody advised making the attempt.

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Corday never volunteered any information and when Dean asked him outright if Shipton was still alive, the officer ignored the question and changed the subject.

Cynthia had volunteered a couple of hours selling tickets for the Ouray Chamber's Jeep raffle.

When the third sacrifice came round Theseus volunteered to go, and with the help of Ariadne slew the Minotaur (Plutarch, Theseus, 15-19; Diod.

She volunteered very little and acted uneasy when asked, so they simply let it drop.

And I called the judge on your behalf and volunteered you to go to counseling.

It was Cynthia who volunteered for the nasty duty, turning down Dean's offer to join her.

If it were totally innocent, he would have volunteered more information.