Sentence Examples with the word Volume

In the preface to the first volume he regrets that except for Alfred's translations Englishmen had no means of learning the true doctrine as expounded by the Latin fathers.

Armstrong before the London Chemical Society on the 31st of October 1901 contained many personal details of Frankland's life, together with a full discussion of his scientific work; and a volume of Autobiographical Sketches was printed for private circulation in 1902.

Nitrogen is estimated by (I) Dumas' method, which consists in heating the substance with copper oxide and measuring the volume Nitrogen.

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As they lie near or under the equator, the monsoons blowing over them are less regular, and the rainfall, of large volume throughout the year, is dependent on the height and direction of the chains.

Below the confluence the Kabul becomes a rapid stream with a great volume of water and gradually absorbs the whole drainage of the Hindu Kush.

In 1715 appeared the first volume of The Family Instructor, which was very popular during the 18th century.

The future I describe does not raise animals in the inhumane way we do today and does not produce the kind of food we grow today, which is optimized for volume and not nutrition.

An important feature of the volume was the new Latin version, the original being placed alongside as a guarantee of the translator's good faith.

In some cases the exchanges are connected together directly; but when the volume of traffic is not sufficient to warrant the adoption of such a course connexions between two exchanges are made through junction centres to which both are connected.

Returning to the south of the Po, the tributaries of that river on its right bank below the Tanaro are very inferior in volume and importance to those from the north.