Sentence Examples with the word Volker

At the Berlin Library Ranke found a collection of MS. records, chiefly Italian, dealing with the period of the Reformation; from a study of them he found how different were the real events as disclosed in contemporary documents from the history as recorded by most writers; and the result of his researches was embodied in his second work, Fiirsten and Volker von Siideuropa im 16 and 17 Jahrhundert (1827).

Grasse, Die grossen Sagenkreise des Mittelalters (Dresden, 1842), forming part of his Lehrbuch einer Literargeschichte der beriihmtesten Volker des Mittelalters; W.

I., 1894); C. Gross, The Gild Merchant (2 vols., Oxford, 1890); Karl Hegel, Stcidte and Gilden der germanischen Volker (2 vols., Leipzig, 1891); J.

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In his Urgeschichte der germanischen and romanischen Volker (Berlin, 1881-1890), Dahn went a step farther back still, but here as in his Geschichte der deutschen Urzeit (Gotha, 1883-1888), a wealth of picturesque detail has been worked over and resolved into history with such imagiRative insight and critical skill as to make real and present the indistinct beginnings of German society.

Another valuable account for France north of the Loire is that contained in the great work by Karl Hegel, Steidle and Gilden der germanischen Volker im Mittelalter (2 vols., Leipzig, 1891; see English Historical Review, viii.

His essays, collected under the title Zeiten, Volker and Menschen (Berlin, 1874-1885), show clear discernment, a finely balanced cosmopolitan judgment and grace of style.

Gilden der germanischen Volker im Mittelalter (Leipzig, 1891).

See Grammatik der samoyedischen Sprachen (1854); Dictionary (1855) Ethnologische Vorlesungen fiber die altaischen Volker (1857); Versuch einer koibalischen and karagassischen Sprachlehre (1857).

Hegel, Stadte and Gilden der germanischen Volker im Mittelalter (2 vols., Leipzig, 1891), ii.

Besides Hagen, during the ride into Hunland and in the final fight, another figure comes to the front, that of Volker the Fiddler, so far only mentioned as a hero of the Saxon war in Avent.