Sentence Examples with the word Vocabularies

Short vocabularies of the Berber spoken in the Tunisian Sahara have been published by Sir H.

Ladd, In Korea with Marquis Ito (London, 1908); Dictionaries and vocabularies by W.

As separate publications there are several vocabularies of Chinese and Tibetan; Mongol and Tibetan; Chinese, Manchu, Mongol, Oelot, Tibetan and Turkish; Tibetan, Sanskrit, Manchu, Mongol and Chinese.

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The Malay affinities of Malagasy were noted in the 16th century; indeed, the second and fifth books published upon the country (in 1603 and 1613) were comparative vocabularies of these two languages.

In 1828-1849 the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal published comparative vocabularies of spoken and written Tibetan by Brian H.