Sentence Examples with the word Vladislav

Though Vladislav was faithful to his promise of maintaining the Compacts, and did not attempt to prevent the Bohemians from receiving the communion in both kinds, yet his policy was on the whole a reactionary one, both as regards matters of state and the religious controversies.

Protracted negotiations ensued, but they ended by the election of Prince Vladislav of Poland at Kutna Hora, the 27th of May 1 1.

Ing the Hungarian supremacy, but in 1367 the voivode Vlad or Vladislav inflicted another severe defeat on the Hungarians, and succeeded for a time in ousting the Magyar governor of Turnu Severin, and thus incorporating Oltland in his own dominions.

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It was intended that that title should henceforth be hereditary, but it again fell into abeyance during the struggles between the Pfemyslide princes which followed the abdication of Vladislav in 1173.