Sentence Examples with the word Visigoth

The great owners, whether nominally Visigoth or nominally Roman seniores or senatorescontinued to enjoy all the privileges and exemptions of the ordo senatorius in the last days of the empire.

Leovigild,, 567586 The first Visigoth king who as sumed the diadem and purple, struck coins in his own name, and enforced recognition of his supremacy in all parts of Spain, except the south coast.

A vague tradition had always assigned the title of emperor to the sovereign who held Leon as the most direct representative of the Visigoth kings, who were themselves the representatives of the Roman empire.

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On the upper frcntier, which is now Aragon, the Visigoth Beni-Casi ruled, doing homage and paying tribute intermittently, supported by a loyal population of native Mahommedans, whose Christian or nominally Christian fathers had been their followers before the conquest.

The Visigoth kingdom presents an appearance of coherence which was very far from corresponding to the reality.

On his death there was an obscure interregnum of five months, which ended by the election of Liuva (567572), the governor of Narbonne, the surviving remnant of the Visigoth power to the north of the Pyrenees.