Sentence Examples with the word Virulence

Cultures of varying degree of virulence may be obtained by such methods, and immunity can be gradually increased by inoculation with vaccines of increasing virulence.

Of Jerusalem), Tobiah the Ammonite, Geshem (or Gashmu) the Arabian, and the Ashdodites, whose virulence increased as the rebuilding of the walls continued.

Scorpions noted for the virulence of their poison abound as well as horse leeches in the tanks.

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Of the chief methods used in producing active immunity the first is by inoculation with bacteria whose virulence has been diminished, i.e.

With regard to the subject of infection the chief factor is susceptibility; with regard to the bacterium virulence is allimportant.

The increase of virulence becomes especially marked when the organism is inoculated from animal to animal in series, the method of passage.

He assailed the memory of Athanasius with a virulence at least equal to that with which orthodox divines had treated Arius.

The virulence of infective diseases varies in different epidemics, and at different times in the same epidemic. It had been noted that many infective diseases did not attack an individual a second time, the first attack appearing to protect from subsequent ones.

His mortification was little likely to temper the habitual virulence of his pen, which rarely produced anything more acrimonious than the attacks he at this period directed against Burnet and his former friend Steele.

The upper classes are said to have suffered less than the poor; but the kings daughter Joan and two archbishops of Canterbury were among the victims. The long continuance of the visitation, which as a rule took six or nine months to work out its virulence in any particular spot, seems to have cowed and demoralized society.