Sentence Examples with the word Vinnie

They must have followed you to Maid Marian Lane and thought Vinnie might be stashed there.

Whatever Vinnie was babbling about sounded like the last thing in the world Dean wanted to get involved with, but he had no choice but to at least hear out the terrified man.

Leland Anderson wanted Dean to spend Sunday with Vinnie at the motel.

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While Dean wanted the opportunity to speak with her in person after his Norfolk trip, he didn't feel in the best mood to do it after spending half the night and day coping with Vinnie Baratto and his sleazy friends.

I guess you carry that gun 'cause it's such a piss-poor neighborhood where our old buddy Vinnie lives.

At the earliest reasonable time he called Lieutenant Anderson, who grumbled his reluctant agreement to let Vinnie stay at the motel until they could question him further and find out if he actually possessed any useful information.

Sackler sounded ready to look them up and hand them Vinnie with a red bow around his neck.

That's the intriguing part and what I hope Vinnie Baratto will tell us.

If you fellows show me some identification, then I'll know who to tell Vinnie was looking for him...if I happen to see him.

Those boys want to take Vinnie on a one-way fishing trip.