Sentence Examples with the word Vi

A pause in the development follows, during which no new mesenteries are formed, and then the six-rayed symmetry characteristic of a normal Actinian zooid is completed by the formation of the mesenteries V, V in the lateral chambers, and VI, VI in the sulcolateral chambers, their muscle-banners being so disposed that they form couples respectively with II, II and I, I.

A frame of n joints and vi 3 bars may of course fail to be rigid owing to some parts being over-stiff whilst others are deformable; in such a case it will be found that the statical equations, apart from the thre identical relations imposed by the equilibrium of the extraneous forces, are not all independent but are equivalent to less thar 2,13 relations.

Which began with a few huts on the banks of the Marra-Marra in 1835, Gr owth Vi ctor a of.

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Other works of Delavigne followed each other in rapid succession - Louis XI (1832), Les Enfants d'Edouard (1833), Don Juan d'Autriche (1835), Une Famille au temps du Luther (1836), La Popularite (1838), La Fille du Cid (1839), Le Conseiller ra p porteur (1840), and Charles VI (1843), an opera partly written by his brother.

Ix.; Berthe Vadier, Un Moraliste du X VI me siecle: Jean-Louis Vives et son livre de l'education de la femme chretienne (Geneva, 1892); G.

I tonic long and i short, when in hiatus with another vowel, produce i (amich, a in i c u 1; via, vi a).

See La Fondation de la regence d'Alger, histoire des Barberousse, chronique arabe du X VI siecle published by Sander Rang and Ferdinand Denis, Paris, 1837 - for a curious Moslem version of their story.

He was then director of the college of Senlis, where he composed his Esprit de la Ligue ou histoire politique des troubles de la Fronde pendant le X VI e et le X Vil e siecles (1767).

Median intervocal d, represented by s (1) in the first stage of the language, has disappeared: f i d eti s gave fesel, then feel, and finally fel; vi d e t i s became oezets, then veets, vets and yea.

LIPARI ISLANDS (anc. AibXov vi rot, or Aeoliae Insulae), a group of volcanic islands N.