Sentence Examples with the word Versailles

There was some revival of the art of the sermon at Versailles a century later, where the Abbe Maury, whose critical work has been mentioned above, preached with vivid eloquence between 1770 and 1785; the Pere Elisee (1726-1783), whom Diderot and Mme Roland greatly admired, held a similar place, at the same time, in Paris.

French diplomatist and maker of the Suez Canal, was born at Versailles on the 19th of November 1805.

The states-general were convoked at Versailles for the 5th of May 1789, and Barnave was chosen deputy of the tiers etat for his native province.

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To this latter class belongs the celebrated labyrinth at Versailles (fig.

About the beginning of the 18th century fountains and lanes in the style of those at Versailles were laid out in the park, and soon after the castle itself, of which only the round tower remained (and is still standing), was rebuilt.

And Marie Antoinette, was born at Versailles on the 27th of March 1785, was christened the same day Louis Charles, and given the title of duke of Normandy.

Perhaps the finest existing statue of her is the Diana of Versailles from Hadrian's Villa (now in the Louvre), in which she wears a short tunic drawn in at the waist and sandals on her feet; her hair is bound up into a knot at the back of her head, with a band over the forehead.

A country 1The elevation of Count Billow to the rank of prince immediately after the crisis was significantly compared with the same honor bestowed on Bismarck at Versailles in 1871.

Ptolemy had many brilliant mistresses, and his court, magnificent and dissolute, intellectual and artificial, has been justly compared with the Versailles of Louis XIV.

Marie Louise Victoire de Donnissan, born at Versailles on the 25th of October 1772, belonged to a court family and was the god-daughter of Mme Victoire, daughter of Louis XV.